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Coole Cleaners Update


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Coole Cleaners Blog

Coole Cleaners Update

1st Radio Advertisement!

Coole Cleaners is proud to announce that we have launched our first major ad!  It has started on October 17th and will continue on through the Holiday season.  We have high hopes that the radio ad will add to the residential end of our business!  Now that Fort Fisher will be dwindling down to very seldom cleanings, we strive to bring the residential end of the business up to provide hours to our current employees.
Check it out on 102.7 various times, usually in the early evening.


I started my business in 2007 and made Coole Cleaners a success by make us different from other cleaning companies.  I know it is time to change our website to get it more up to date and more user friendly to viewers.  When I went online to do a little researching of other current companies websites, I started to realize that many companies now do the same things that used to be unique to Coole Cleaners!  So it is time to CHANGE!  I will be thinking about what we can do to make us more unique and different, and make people only wanting to have Coole Cleaners as their cleaning service! Our prices are still below the competitors and will remain that way, but there will soon be something new and fantastic!

End of the Summer....Gearing up for the Holiday Season!!

It has been quite a busy summer!!  We have had record breaking number across the entire board!  Now that the tourist season comes to an end and our role at Fort Fisher Recreation Area will dwindle down, we will focus more on our residential end of the business, build more on our commercial end of the business, and start our plans for a future fund raising event for Alzheimer's and our 5 year anniversary! 
You may even hear a commercial of ours on a radio station or you may see us on TV soon!

Coole Cleaners begins the 5th year of service with a BANG!

Coole Cleaners started business in April of 2007.  This year is the beginning of our 5th year in business and it has been spectacular! This April has been a record breaking month!  We were asked by WECT to participate in the Business Break on Carolina in the Morning and it was aired on April 8th.  This was quite an honor and it has brought in some new business and has helped in getting the Coole Cleaners name to be heard.  We have also landed 4 new contracts this year so far!
Our main achievement this year has been Fort Fisher Recreation Facility.  This month their facility has gotten so busy that we have been called in there 5 days in one week and it is projected to continue that way through summer!
Coole Cleaners appreciates our customers and would like to say THANK YOU! 
They say that if a business survives through 5 years, then it is on the road to success!

Coole Cleaners on WECT Carolina in the Morning, Business Break!

Coole Cleaners is proud to have been chosen by WECT to participate in a 2 minute interview in their Business Break on Carolina in the Morning!  It will air on April 8th at 6:35am!  I will post the video on the web site when it is available. Thank you to WECT, Blaire Postman, and Jessica Kirk.
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