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Coole Cleaners
Residential and Commercial Cleaners 
Coole Cleaners was started by Christopher Stuckey in 2007 in Wilmington, NC.  Since then we have made it our priority to help homeowners everywhere in Wilmington manage their housework and balance their lives and budget.   We strive in providing a more personal maid service at a professional level, but yet at an affordable cost.  Coole Cleaners is fully licensed and insured. Our employees go through a background check, drug screening, and are covered by workers compensation.  Coole Cleaners tries to eliminate all your worries and gain your trust in having a cleaning service in your home.
Professional, Yet More Personal
Providing a more personal service also refers to always going beyond your expectations in order to keep you wanting our service to return.  Coole Cleaners gives you a professional cleaning service with the feel of a personal maid or housekeeper.  We want you to know that you can trust those that will be in the realms of your home.  Coole Cleaners will try to keep the same employees returning to your home.
Affordable Pricing
Coole Cleaners not only wants to provide Wilmington with an immaculate service, the goal is to provide an immaculate service at a reasonable price.  Prices are based on the size of area needed to be cleaned, and by the frequency of services needed.
Coole Cleaners is very flexible in scheduling and pricing.  Check out the Services page to see all the various options available for scheduling and type of cleaning needed.
We are Insured!
Every member of our team is trained in cleaning techniques for efficient and spotless results and you are always served by the same employee to provide you a more personal service.  Coole Cleaners provides workers compensation and is fully covered by a one million dollar general liability insurance policy.  We will make sure you are comfortable with a house cleaning service in the privacy of your home!  We love to keep the homes in Wilmington clean!

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