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Coole Cleaners - Residential and Commercial Cleaning Service
Coole Cleaners carries a wide range of products to suit a variety of wants and cleaning tastes. Our most popular products are listed below but can change periodically. Please call for more information on products, current promotions and custom cleaning options.
Immaculate Cleaning
Cleaning ProductsCoole Cleaners basic cleaning products are all name brand products such as but not limited to: Swiffer Dusting, Pledge, Windex or SprayWay, Clorox toilet bowl cleaner, Lysol Bathroom cleaner, Comet Bathroom Cleaner, Tilex with bleach, Lysol variety of products, Stainless Steel polisher, Pine Sol Floor Cleaner, Pledge Almond Oil Floor Cleaner, Bona Wood Floor Products, many more and anything at customers request.
Environmentally Friendly
Environmental Friendly CleaningCoole Cleaners also carries environmentally friendly products such as but not limited to: Clorox Green Works (various products), Pledge Orange oil, Seventh Generation (various products), Pledge Almond Oil, Mrs. Meyers (various products), and any suggestions or preferences you have, Coole Cleaners will make happen.
Aromatherapy Cleaning
Aromatherapy Cleaning Products  Coole Cleaners now gives you the option of aromatherapy cleaning. Products are all aromatherapy type products.  The bathroom cleaning still uses the basic products for an immaculate service.  The products used for the aromatherapy cleaning are as follows but not limited to: Swiffer scented duster, Scented Windex, Pledge Orange Oil, Orange Glow wood floor cleaner, Mr. Clean scented cleaner, and any other suggestions or preferences.  Aromatherapy cleaning option also includes diffuser of your choice from a selection of fragrances for each bathroom, and your entire home will be sprayed with your choice of  home fragrance products.
Coole Cleaners strives to fulfill all the customers needs.  If you prefer certain products that are not listed above, please feel free to request certain products and Coole Cleaners will provide those for you. We buy all of our products in Wilmington to help promote our local economy!
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