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February Special!

This offer is for $25 off of 2 Immaculate Cleanings between Jan 1st - Mar 31th.
Not valid with any other offers. Offers expire 02/28/2019.

To receive a free estimate for your house cleaning, or vacation rental cleaning, please fill out the information below accurately and check all that apply.  This information WILL NOT be shared with any 3rd party.  Coole Cleaners will respond back with an estimate based on your information and information from This is an estimate and not a quote.  You can also send a direct email to with any questions, or give us a call at 910.742.5082.
A walkthrough will be required for any quotes and for all office estimates and quotes.

Request for an Accurate Estimate Requires All of the Following To Be Answered! This information is for the sole use of Coole Cleaners and will not be shared with any third party.
Email Address?
Street Address?
Phone Number?
Please tell us the size of area to be cleaned in SQUARE FEET.
How Many Stories/Levels
Frequency of Cleaning Desired. If you need a customized schedule, be specific in the Additional Notes box.
Twice a Week
Semimonthly (Every other Week)
Monthly specific in the Additional Notes.
Type Of Cleaning Service?
Immaculate Cleaning
Spring Cleaning
Move Out or In Cleaning
Environmental Friendly Cleaning
Vacation Rental Cleaning(FILL OUT ALL FORMS BELOW)
Vacation Rental Cleaning
Provide Linens
Laundry Needs Done
Beds Need Made (Fill in the number of beds below)
Dishes Need Cleaned or Put Away from Dishwasher
Accomodations are Provided and Need to be Stocked
Accomodations May Need to be Purchased to Restock
Pets are Allowed
Exterior Area(s) Need Cleaned
Number of Beds that need made for Vacation Rental Cleanings
Check all the appropriate boxes that apply to your home for ALL CLEANINGS.
Children under 18
Wood or Tiled Flooring
Separate Tub and Shower
Tiled Shower Walls
Smokers in house
How many Bathrooms?
What Is Your Desired Date You Would Like To Get Started? We will provide you with available openings closest to your requested date. All available openings are filled on a first response basis.
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Additional Notes:
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