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Coole Cleaners - Residential and Commercial Cleaning Service


Coole Cleaners is pleased to provide residential cleaning services for the Wilmington and surrounding areas since 2007. We believe that hiring Coole Cleaners to provide this service can help you manage your house and part of your normal life. Coole Cleaners will guarantee work performed to all clients’ satisfaction and our understanding.   We have designed the Policy, Terms and Conditions to describe our company’s way of doing business and expectations from both parties when services are rendered.


·        Economy Cleaning

This house cleaning service is designed to provide a house cleaning that focuses solely on the essentials and is more cost efficient.  The service is done at a much cheaper and quicker pace!

·        Basic Cleaning

This service is everything included in an Economy Cleaning with the addition of minimal dusting of the baseboards OR ceiling fans and the perimeter of your rooms, wiping off tabletops, and clean the glass entry doors. 

·        Immaculate Cleaning

This service is just that- immaculate!  This cleaning service includes everything in a Basic Cleaning and add in a very extensive dusting from ceiling to floor. 

·        Spring/Deep Cleaning

The Spring or Deep Cleaning is very extensive and time consuming!  This service includes everything in an Immaculate Cleaning with the addition of cleaning under furniture, wet wiping all trim and doors, wet wiping all ceiling fans within our reach, and more detailed cleaning in all rooms.

·        Move In/Out Cleaning

This service is the same as a Spring Cleaning without furniture and is designed to get your house on the market or ready to move in if it was not cleaned prior to being sold.  There is an addition cleaning of the interior of the cabinets and drawers. 


Coole Cleaners understands that having several companies come through your house is time consuming and a nuisance.  We can provide estimate requests via email through our website at Estimates are a rough draft based on the information that you provided on the form from the website.  If the estimates are within your cleaning budget, then you can schedule a walkthrough to get a solid quote.

Quotes can not be given until we do a walkthrough of your home.  You can skip receiving estimates via email and get a direct quote through a scheduled walkthrough.

·        There is a first-time fee of $35 for any and all cleanings that we are doing for the first time at each specific location.  This fee also applies to any location that has not had any services from Coole Cleaners in over 90 days. 


Coole Cleaners can disclose our current rates upon your request.  Rates are subject to change; however, all estimates are valid for 3 months regardless of any rate change.  All contracts are valid for the term of the contract regardless of any rate changes.

Discounts are available.  Check our website for any possible discounts.  Only one discount can apply, unless the discount specifically states otherwise.  There are discounts of 5% for 6-month contracts and discounts of 10% for 12-month contracts.  These contact discounts can be added to other discounts unless the discount specifically states otherwise.

·        There is a first-time fee of $35 for any and all cleanings that we are doing for the first time at each specific location.  This fee also applies to any location that has not had any services from Coole Cleaners in over 90 days. 


Coole Cleaners will form a contract with all customers for any and all services rendered.  The contract is designed to make sure the terms of service are provided, a cost of service is established by all parties involved, to establish an amount of time the services are to be rendered, and to protect both parties on the services any and all costs involved.

Contracts for 3, 6, or 12 months provide a certain amount of allowances for proper cancellations and rescheduling on both parties. 

Contracts lock in your cleaning dates and are subject to guarantee your cleaning will not be rescheduled outside of the terms for allowances.  This guarantee of date and time does not apply to contracts less than 3 months.


Our cleaning services are provided Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Arrival times for our staff must be flexible to accommodate for traffic and the time it takes to complete a prior cleaning. We will give you an arrival window of about one hour.  Many circumstances can affect our staff’s arrival time. We will try to accommodate requests for smaller windows, but we cannot promise staff will arrive at any specific time.

 Scheduling your first cleaning can be done after the walkthrough or through email or by phone.  Future scheduling can be done through email or by phone.  You will receive a contract to sign and send back via email before arrival to your scheduled cleaning.  You CAN NOT leave the contract with payment on the day of cleaning.  If contract is not received 48 hours prior to your scheduled cleaning, the scheduled cleaning may become voided.

 We strive to have the same staff members clean your home on a regular basis, however, this is not guaranteed. Due to vacation, illness or departure from the company, Coole Cleaners may occasionally provide a replacement staff member.


We understand that an unforeseen event may occur which will create a need to cancel your scheduled cleaning appointment.  You may reschedule, add, skip or cancel any of your cleanings.  If, for any reason, you need to change your scheduled appointment, please provide us with a 48-hour notice by email at Once we take a reservation, we hold that time slot open for you and turn away other potential clients in order to ensure your appointment. In the event of a cancellation or rescheduling with less than 48-hour notice, a cancellation fee of $65 will be charged.  Failure to pay the cancellation fee could result in Coole Cleaners from performing any future services until fee is paid or an understanding is met between both parties.
In addition, you agree to pay half the cost of the cleaning that was scheduled for any scheduled cleaning cancelled by you on the day of the cleaning. This applies to lock out situations where the staff member is unable to gain access to your home due to being locked out by the customer.  This also applies if a staff member feels that their personal safety is endangered enough to cause them to leave the premises due to actions by you or any guests or pets on the premises.

 There are no fees if you reschedule or cancel your cleaning 48 hours or more prior to your scheduled cleaning.


Coole Cleaners has three different options to choose from so that your cleaners have entry into homes.

1). You may provide the company with a key. In the event of termination of the cleaning agreement, keys will be returned to the client within 48 hours of the final cleaning. For your protection, keys will not be linked to any information pertaining to the client. Keys are kept in a secured area and are crossed referenced in case of loss.

2). Client may opt to not give a key to the company and be home on their day of cleaning. Because we cannot give an exact time, the client must be home during their specific time frame to let the cleaners in/out of the home.

3). If a client chooses to leave their door unlocked, place the key under the mat, or leave their house key in an unsecured place for the cleaners to gain entry, the client releases Coole Cleaners from all liability that arises from damage made before or after the cleaners leave the premises. The client understands that they will be responsible for any damages that are caused before/after their scheduled cleaning team.

·        For most alarm systems, it is not necessary for the client to disarm their alarm system for their scheduled date of cleaning. If you would like, you may contact your alarm company and have a house cleaner code issued for Coole Cleaners to use exclusively.


Coole Cleaners requires payment upon or prior to completion of service.  If client is not home during or before the end of the cleaning service and needs to arrange payment after completion, there is a $15 late payment fee.

We accept payment by cash, check, Venmo, or personal PayPal.

Invoices are available upon request.


We want your pets to be comfortable when our staff is cleaning your home. If your pet is aggressive, we ask that you secure the pet while our staff is cleaning your home. Our staff will not enter the home if they feel an animal is a threat. We will clean around pet dishes and litter boxes but will not handle them.

If your pet leaves unwanted accidents for Coole Cleaners staff to clean up there may be extra charges along with proof of picture if client if not present at the time.


When entering into an agreement for services with Coole Cleaners, the client agrees not to solicit for hire any staff member introduced to the client by Coole Cleaners for any home-related services. If you are found to have solicited one of our staff members, please be advised that our referral/ training fee is $2,500 payable to Coole Cleaners immediately upon employing our staff for any services to your home.  The staff member involved will be immediately terminated from Coole Cleaners, also there would be no future services from Coole Cleaners with the Client involved.


At Coole Cleaners our staff exercises extreme care when cleaning. We do carry General Liability Insurance for damage or breakage caused by our staff members. However, we are not liable for damage that is caused by “normal wear and tear”, improper installation of an item(s), or artwork, collectibles or family heirlooms valued over $500 and that is not disclosed during the time of making the service contract. If any damage or perceived damage is noticed after our staff have left, the customer must notify Coole Cleaners within 24 hours of any problem that may have occurred at the address during that day and time of the scheduled cleaning. We will do our best to resolve the problem and come up with a reasonable solution. These items include but are not limited to the following examples:

·        Carpet & Rug Snags – Carpet snags are the result of exposed loops caused by normal wear and tear, moving furniture, etc. which are snagged by a vacuum’s roller brush. We use professional vacuums that are set to industry standards (which cannot be adjusted). In order to limit snags or fraying, we will try our best not to go near the bad areas of carpeting/rugs.

·        Broken Blinds – Customers should be aware that there are some inherent risks each time your blinds are cleaned. Blinds will become brittle from daily exposure to the sun and aging, and strings/chords will weaken over time resulting in breaks.

·        Improperly hung pictures/decorations/mirrors – If these items are securely/properly attached to the wall, they should not fall when the item is dusted/wiped.

·        Artwork, Collectibles or Family Heirlooms valued over $500 – These items are expensive and/or impossible to replace. In that case, we do not assume the risk of cleaning such items. It is the customer’s responsibility to inform, in writing, of any item(s) that fall into this category.

·        Woodwork, Vintage/Antique Wood Furniture, Un-finished & Furniture with Special Instructions – Please let us know during your booking and before our first cleaning visit if your woodwork, wooden furniture or vintage wooden furniture is not sealed or is made of another material other than actual wood. Please discuss your furniture care needs with specifications as per item if they need special attention in anyway.

·        All other materials other than wood such as, but not limited to, specific cleaning needed on certain stone type counter tops must be disclosed in writing.  If you would like to supply your own cleaning product(s) for your specific piece(s) of furniture, leather furniture, pianos, etc., please notify us via email or mail of the preferred product(s) you will provide us with.

o  Although Coole Cleaners has trust in our staff members, please secure cash, jewelry and other small valuables.  Anytime things get missing the cleaning company is always the first to catch blame, understandably.  To avoid any worry of your valuables being lost or misplaced, please place them is a secure area.


We want our clients to be completely satisfied with Coole Cleaners services.  Cleaning is a very personalized and subjective service; we cannot offer full refunds to clients. If you are not happy, we will come back and re‐clean any areas free of charge according to our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Please call us at 910.742.5082 or 919.906.1968 within 24 hours of the cleaning and we will gladly return to clean the area you were not satisfied with. You must contact us within 24 calendar hours to take advantage of this guarantee.


Coole Cleaners is committed to providing you with a service without the worry of any type of information about you, your family, your home, or anything pertaining to you or your property, being given to any other person or party.  You have our full trust and understanding that we will not disclose any information given to us or any information we happen to find while performing our service to you, to any other party.  Of course any legal matters will be handled appropriately.

Clients acknowledge that Coole Cleanings may take interior and/or exterior photographs or videos for the purpose of documenting the condition of the property. Such photographs may only be used for documentation purposes and will not be reproduced, published, transmitted, disseminated, or displayed in any form or manner, without express written consent of the client and/or his/her agent and/or representative. The client further acknowledges that no formal written consent or specific authorization is required for the Company to take interior and/or exterior photographs or videos for these purposes.

Coole Cleaners will request in writing any interests in using any photos pertaining to any part of your property for website purposes.  No photos will be used without consent from the Client.

·        NO information from clients will be shared with any third parties without client’s consent.


Coole Cleaners does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations. These activities include, but are not limited to, hiring and firing of staff, selection of volunteers and vendors, and provision of services. We are committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for all members of our staff, clients, volunteers, subcontractors, vendors, and clients.

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