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House Cleaning ServiceResidential Cleaning
Coole Cleaners can customize to your specific house cleaning needs!  Whether it is just a quick Economy Cleaning that takes care of only your bathrooms, kitchen and floors for unexpected house guests and you just don't have the time. The entire house is dirty from ceiling fans to baseboards and you may need a Spring Cleaning.  Or you may be looking for an Immaculate Cleaning with a step down from a spring cleaning, that will give you a detailed dusting and cleaning of certain forgotten areas.  You may not need the deep dusting and just need your main perimeters of your rooms and tables wiped, then you would want a Basic House Cleaning.  It may be that you need your home cleaned from being remodeled and you only need certain areas of your house cleaned and we can perform a customized house cleaning based on your exact needs.  Even if you just want a few odd house cleaning duties done that you wouldn't think anyone would take care of....Coole Cleaners can help!

We specialize in catering to each individual's house cleaning needs.  Coole Cleaners has the same employees returning to your house cleanings so that you get to know them and they get to know your home.  Our staff is dedicated to keeping our customers beyond satisfied.  It is what keeps our customers only wanting to return to Coole Cleaners for their house cleaning needs!

Here are our standard cleaning options, but you can always customize to suit your needs!--

Economy House Cleaning

This house cleaning service is designed to provide a house cleaning that focuses solely on the essentials and is more cost efficient.  The price is based on the number of bathrooms, type of flooring, and if you have tiled shower walls.  The service is done at a much cheaper and quicker pace!
This cleaning service is to simply clean the most important areas of your home.  The duties include:
  • Cleaning Bathrooms (Toilets, tub/shower, counters, mirror, sinks and floor)
  • Cleaning Kitchen (Counters, sink, appliances, and floor)
  • Vacuum and/or Mopping of  All Floors
  • Take out Trash
Immaculate House Cleaners

Basic House Cleaning

The Basic House Cleaning service includes everything in the Economy Cleaning service listed above.  Additionally we will dust off all tabletops, dust the baseboards and the perimeter of your rooms, and clean the glass entry doors.  All duties included:
  • Cleaning Bathrooms (Toilets, tub/shower, counters, mirror, sinks and floor)
  • Cleaning Kitchen (Counters, sink, appliances, and floor)
  • Vacuum and/or Mopping of  All Floors 
  • Dust and wipe Tabletop
  • Dust choice of baseboards or blinds
  • Clean Glass Entry Doors                               
  • Take out Trash

Immaculate House Cleaning

The Immaculate House Cleaning service is just that- immaculate!  This cleaning service involves a very extensive dusting from ceiling to floor.  The Immaculate Cleaning service includes everything in the Basic Cleaning service listed above.  Additionally we will dust from ceiling to floor including all wall and ceiling edges, ceiling fans, tabletops, wooden furniture, picture frames, lamp shades, baseboards, and anything with a horizontal ledge.  There are a few other duties included such as wiping the exterior cabinet and drawer fronts, polishing furniture, and more duties including:

We start from ceiling to floor with an extensive dusting!  We handle anything within reaching distance of a Swiffer dusting wand with an extension.  Employees are not allowed on ladders.  However when needed, let us know and the owner will be able to do duties that involve ladders.
  • All horizontal ledges
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Light Fixtures
  • Picture Frames
  • Window and Door Frames
  • Blinds
  • Window Sills
  • Lamp Shades
  • Electronics/Computer Desks
  • All Furniture
  • Baseboards
  • Any furniture that requires wood polishing will be done and those that consists of  glass tops will also be wiped with Windex.

Bathroom Cleanings
We start off with dusting.  Coole Cleaners does not use any bleach products on a regular basis.  However, when needed certain shower facilities that do not have very good ventilation, we will occasionally or frequently be cleaning those areas using Tilex to destroy and prevent any forming of mold.  All of the following duties are done with products listed on the PRODUCTS page.  Coole Cleaners will use whatever products that you prefer.  Just let us know and we will use what products that you supply.
  • Tub and Shower areas are scrubbed cleaned
  • Shower glass doors
  • Cabinet Doors exterior are wiped
  • Toilets are cleaned inside and out and around hinges
  • Mirrors
  • Sinks
  • Faucets
  • Floors
  • Trash removed
Tub and shower areas that consists of tiled walls do require an additional charge.  We will use Tilex to clean the grout areas and may take a little more time.

We start off with dusting. All kitchen are different and require many types of cleaning needs.  Appliances that are stainless steal will be polished and stove tops that are flat will be taken care of as needed.  Coole Cleaners can accommodate to any of the different cleaning duties.  The following is our basic kitchen cleaning duties.  All of the following duties are done with the products listed on the PRODUCTS page.  Cool Cleaners will use whatever products that you prefer.  Just let us know and we will use the products that you supply.
  • Counter Tops are wiped and disinfected
  • Cabinet doors and drawers exterior are wiped
  • Sinks are disinfected
  • All counter top appliances are wiped
  • Microwave cleaning interior and exterior
  • All large appliances wiped and polished if needed
  • Exterior of Refrigerator
  • Stove Top and Exterior of Oven
  • Exterior of dishwasher and inside edge
  • Floors
  • Trash Removed
All major appliances that are stainless steel will be polished.

All Other Rooms
All remaining rooms generally will require the dusting, wood polishing, any glass table tops, floors, and any other duties that you request. There are extra duties that can be done that are not listed in the basic cleaning description.
Extra Duty Examples
Depending on your home you may want some other duties to be done that are not listed above.  That is not a problem!  Coole Cleaners specializes in performing all house cleaning services on an individual basis.  Our prices are based on immaculate cleaning duties listed above, but not all homes are the same.  If you have porches that you want to have swept, windows that you want to have cleaned, beds that need to be made, laundry that needs to be done, or any other type duty, Coole Cleaners can get it done for you.  Extra charges may apply.

Spring House Cleaning- requires a walkthrough for an estimate.
The spring house cleaning duties are very extensive and take quite a bit more time than the Immaculate Cleaning.  All the duties listed in the Immaculate Cleaning are included as well as the following duties.

  • Ceiling Fans are wet wiped
  • Door Frames are wet wiped 
  • Window Frames are wet wiped
  • Window Sills are wet wiped
  • Knick Knacks are handed wiped
  • Light Switch Covers and Outlet Covers are wet wiped
  • Exterior of Kitchen Cabinets and Drawers
  • Exterior of Bathroom Cabinets and Drawers
  • Interior Refrigerator is cleaned
  • Interior Oven is cleaned
  • Interior of Microwave is cleaned
  • Baseboards are wet wiped
  • Note:  Any ceiling fixtures that are above reaching distance without a ladder may not get attended to.  We can not wet wipe any type of blinds.
Move In/ Move Out House Cleaning- requires a walkthrough for an estimate.
Vacation Rental Cleanings
The move in/out house cleaning duties are very much the same as the spring cleaning duties.  Biggest difference is that there is not any furniture involved in the move in/out cleanings thus the rate is lower than the spring cleaning rate.  If there is any furniture during a move out, for instance a furnished condo, then it is considered the same as a spring cleaning.  If there is a need for removing any leftover items or trash there is an extra charge involved.

Best House Cleaners in Wilmington, NC Commercial Service
Coole Cleaners provides commercial office cleaning services for businesses located in Wilmington, NC and surrounding areas.  There is basic office cleaning needed for most businesses.  We know that not all office cleanings are the same.  Coole Cleaners can handle any office cleaning needs and cater to any businesses particular needs.  Anything from office cleanings, business restrooms cleaning, vacation rental cleanings, and more.
We are very flexible with scheduling and pricing.  Coole Cleaners is fully insured and licensed, and all employees are covered by workers compensation.  Please call if you would like to discuss the cleaning possibilities of you business or to schedule a walk through at 910.742.5082.

Office Cleanings-requires a walkthrough for an estimate.

Office Cleaning ServicesCoole Cleaners knows that there are basic office cleaning duties that need to be done for most business.  We also know that not all office cleanings are the same.  Just as we customize to meet the needs of our House Cleaning customers, we do the same for our Office Cleaning customers as well!  These are the common office cleaning duties included but can also be adjusted based on each individual business's needs.
  • Dusting ceiling to floor within reach of our ladders involved.
  • Wiping all table tops, desk tops, end tables, conference room tables, etc.
  • Empty all trash
  • Clean restrooms
  • Clean kitchen/break room area
  • Vacuum/Mop Floors
  • Clean the entry glass doors.
  • Spot clean around all door handles.

Vacation Rental Cleanings-requires a walkthrough for estimate.

Cleaning ServicesVacation rental cleanings include the same duties listed above in a Basic House Cleaning with the addition of several other duties.  We understand that all Vacation Rental Cleanings need to be customized depending on what accommodations that are supplied to the tenants and what you as an owner would like to have done!  Here are the additional duties depending on your individual needs that we can offer in a Vacation Rental Cleaning.
  • Provide a Basic Cleaning as mentioned in the above residential descriptions of cleanings with the addition of this dishes, interior refrigerator, cabinets and drawers and other factors.
  • Report any damages to you by text or email and photos.
  • Provide a cleaning checklist for each cleaning upon your request for this service.
  • Check all drawers and closets for personal items left by tenant and placed in a secure area upon your request.
  • Make sure dishes are clean in the dishwasher and they can be put away.
  • Stock any accommodations (bath soaps, toilet paper, paper towels, etc.)
  • Make beds if linens are supplied
  • Wash laundry if linens are supplied
  • Take out all trash
  • Anything upon your request that is within our ability to do!

Coole Cleaners services Vacation Rental Cleanings in the Wilmington, Wrightsville Beach, Carolina Beach, and Kure Beach areas.

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