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2016 Busiest summer in Coole Cleaners history!
End of Summer Season 2015!
Began our first online marketing in March!
2014 a rough year!

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Began our first online marketing in March!
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2017resulted inthe first year we have ever had a decrease in overall revenue! Themajor factorthat caused our decrease was the recovery from abrain tumorthat was removed inDecember of 2016 I received the news at the end of Oct of 2016 and was forced to back away from working.  The tumor was the size of an egg and in a location that required the tumor to be removed as soon as possible.  The surgery took place in Dec of 2016 and by May of 2017 we began to lose about 2/3 of our business!  It has taken a while to get my stamina and strength back up since the surgery and not sure it will ever be 100% againHowever, after restructuring our business over the slower winter months, Coole Cleaners will become stronger than ever and at a higher professional level!  
Welcome to the new Coole Cleaners!!  

2016 Busiest summer in Coole Cleaners history!

After 9 years of business, 2016 is the busiest summer in Coole Cleaners history!  This summer we have increased our clientele with private vacation rentals by 100%!  Our government contract at Fort Fisher Recreation Area has opened their newly built condo rentals this season and has increased sales there by 400%!!  This coming month of September will be the busiest month in history at Fort Fisher Recreation Area with an increase of rentals by 50% with big groups coming in for short visits.  
It has been a crazy year!  Although we have experienced a decrease in residential clientele, mainly because we have not had the time to put into the residential aspect to the business, the rest of Coole Cleaners has continued to grow!  
We look forward to celebrating 10 years in business in April of 2017! 

End of Summer Season 2015!

It has been a great summer!  We have increased our private vacation rental cleanings this year by 125%!  We have also increased our office cleanings by 25%! This is the final year on our 5 year government contract, and we are in the process of submitting a bid for a new 5 year contract with high hopes of continuing service at Fort Fisher Recreation Area!  The last 2 years there have been reduced in sales due to demolition and rebuilding of new condos and are expected to be ready by this November, the start of a new contract year!  The summer of 2015 has done Coole Cleaners well, and we look forward to gaining more customers for the summer season of 2016!

Began our first online marketing in March!

We are very excited tolaunch our first online marketing with Yodle!  They have created a business Facebook page, an adverse website, and an awesome email platform that will automatically send email reminders of customers next appointments, and an email for a follow-up review option.  Yodle will work their magic to keep Coole Cleaners ahead of the competition, at the top of the search engines, and more professional with our customers!  Lets see what the next three months brings!  The first week has shown results already!

2014 a rough year!

Although this year had a great start to the season and high hopes, this has been our hardest year yet!  A couple of factors have played in this role of a bad year for Coole Cleaners.  One issue was being unprepared from our government contract destroying and rebuilding 40% of their vacation rentals.  Another factor is that all of our expenses have taxes, workers comp, business insurance, and labor cost have all skyrocketed this year.
Many businesses goes through a tough year or certain seasons of the year.  I am fortunate enough to say that this is the first ever hard hit for Coole Cleaners in 7 years!  We are not going anywhere!  We plan to learn from the downfalls of this year and turn things around and make next year the best ever!

Update...We are finally ready for more business!

We are ready!  Bring it on!

At this time last year, Coole Cleaners was bombarded with potential new customers.  Unfortunately, we were unprepared and was at a maximum capacity.  Last year was rough with not having any open spaces for schedule changes or any openings available for new customers.  However, this year we are prepared and ready to move forward at full speed!  This year we have been blessed with the addition of my partner Keith Boyd taking a stronger role in the business and we recently have hired more staff.  We hope to take Coole Cleaners up another level and soon turn the business to an LLC!  We are expecting to create our best year yet!

2014 New Year's Resolutions!

2014 Coole Cleaners New Year's resolution:

1. Keep the business growing as we have been so fortunate to increase business each month with comparison to the previous years on a continuous basis since we opened business in 2007!
2. Focus on increasing growth on our office and vacation rental cleaning aspects of the business.

3. Have Keith Boyd
take on a new level of the business as Manager/Active Partner!

4. Win a bid on a new government contract.

5. Turn the business into an LLC.

6. Provide more job opportunities to our local community!

7. Overall....take the next step with Coole Cleaners to a new level as a professional cleaning business that is unique with our outstanding customer service and unbeatable cleaning service at an affordable price!

Projected 1st Quarter of 2013!

Although it is too early to say what the 1st quarter has done for business this year, I took a look at last years to compare including the current March schedule. More than likely we will gain a few more customers in March, as business continues to grow! Here are the last years 1st quarter totals....115 Residential Cleaning Appointments....12 Fort Fisher Cleaning Appointments....and 13 Office Cl...eaning Appointments. Here are the projected 1st quarter totals for 2013!.....135 Residential Cleaning Appointments....13 Fort Fisher Cleaning Appointments....and 47 OFFICE CLEANING APPOINTMENTS! Proud to say that both Residential and especially Office Cleanings have both improved and continue to grow!
I would like to say a special thank you to Keith Boyd for helping me tremendously as our business grows! I could not do it without him! Also a thanks to Lori Henderson as she had been with Coole Cleaners for a year in April!

Cut the wicks on your Yankee Candles!

You may find this story hard to believe!  We had a customer recently that had just turned on her heating unit for the first time earlier this season.  When we arrived to clean, we found a black soot on much of her furniture, ceiling, lamp shades, and window sills. She had no idea what had happened or when.  After calling a specialist to check her duct system and heating unit, it was found that it was from burning her Yankee candles too long and from not cutting off the mushroom top wicks! She was on a daily basis lighting her candles without cutting the wicks, starting around 3pm and did not put them out until she would get ready for bed.  After time, it caused a build up in her heating system and when she turned on the heat for the first time of the season, it all blew out!
Leason learned....cut your wicks before lighting your candles, and they should not burn for no longer than 2 to 3 hours.

End of Summer! Big changes ahead!

Wow!  It has been an extremely busy summer!  This year is the first time we ever had to turn away potential new customers and just stop answering the phones...for just about the entire summer as we have been completely booked up! 
I now realize it is time to expand with more employees!  I also realize that it is becoming more than I can handle on my own anymore.  It is a hard thing to come to the realization of, but in order to move on to higher goals, one must have help as everyone has a maximum limit of what he/she can handle.....I have reached that limit!
So, I have considered asking my other half to become my business partner!  Keith is awesome is every aspect of what he does and will not do anything unless he does it to the best of his ability.  He has a wonderful personality that customers bond to, he cleans better than myself, and he can train employees much better than I can!  I know my weekness as a business owner and have found that Keith fills those main weeknesses of mine.
As we prepare for some big changes this fall and winter season.....we are preparing for an even bigger success next year of taking on more customers and hiring more employees!  Once the Wilmington location is strong, we plan to start another Coole Cleaners in the N. Raleigh area!
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