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Began our first online marketing in March!
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Lysol is truly amazing!  I learned that common household Lysol is used to decontaminate the scientists before leaving the laboratory!  There is only one lab that studies such viruses as Anthrax, Small Pox, etc.  It is amazing the Lysol is used to spray down the scientists through the decontamination process to exit out of the labs!

2011! Many changes ahead!

Happy New Year! 
Coole Cleaners has many changes taking place this year in orderto make our business even better!  We are open to any comments or suggestions that you feel could be an improvement that you may have or duties that needs to be added in our duties of cleaning.  Our business is designed to meet our individual customer needs!  Please feel free to let us know what you think it takes to make a great cleaning business!

Does your pet hair get spread around when you mop?

Here is a little tip for those of you that have a lot of pet hair on your floors.
Before you start any type of cleaning that would cause you to get water or cleaning products on the floor, you should start off with a quick vacuuming.  It is easier when it comes to mopping if you get the hair up before it gets stuck to the floor from liquids!  A hairy mop is a nightmare to really clean your floors, and will drive me crazy spreading hair all over the floor and never being able to get it up!  It may take a few extra minutes to vacuum once before you wipe things onto the floor and then vacuum again.  Believe me, that few extra minutes saves time in the long run when it comes to mopping!

Tile Grout Cleaning the Old Fashion Way

Of course you could hire a well known big business to come to your home with their expensive machinery and be in and out in a quick manner; and charge you and outrageous price! If you are not worried about money then this may be your best option.
Then there is the Coole Cleaners way!  It may be old fashioned to get down on your hands and knees, but we do not use expensive equiptment. We use a bleach based product, a grout bristle brush and a little elbow grease. It successfully leaves your grout looking like new, and the price is half of the big business prices!

Glogged Drain?

The Turbo Snake that you have seen on TV really works.  I used it to unglogg a customers bathroom sink and it did the job!  You can find them at the Dollar General stores for I think $10.

Ideas and Opinions

Please share any ideas or tips on cleaning.  There are ways that make cleaning easier! 

New Blog

Welcome to Coole Cleaners Blog!  Tell us any comment concerning house cleaning.  Tips, questions, concerns, or whatever. 
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