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February 2013

Projected 1st Quarter of 2013!

Although it is too early to say what the 1st quarter has done for business this year, I took a look at last years to compare including the current March schedule. More than likely we will gain a few more customers in March, as business continues to grow! Here are the last years 1st quarter totals....115 Residential Cleaning Appointments....12 Fort Fisher Cleaning Appointments....and 13 Office Cl...eaning Appointments. Here are the projected 1st quarter totals for 2013!.....135 Residential Cleaning Appointments....13 Fort Fisher Cleaning Appointments....and 47 OFFICE CLEANING APPOINTMENTS! Proud to say that both Residential and especially Office Cleanings have both improved and continue to grow!
I would like to say a special thank you to Keith Boyd for helping me tremendously as our business grows! I could not do it without him! Also a thanks to Lori Henderson as she had been with Coole Cleaners for a year in April!
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