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Coole Cleaners Blog

September 2014

2014 a rough year!

Although this year had a great start to the season and high hopes, this has been our hardest year yet!  A couple of factors have played in this role of a bad year for Coole Cleaners.  One issue was being unprepared from our government contract destroying and rebuilding 40% of their vacation rentals.  Another factor is that all of our expenses have taxes, workers comp, business insurance, and labor cost have all skyrocketed this year.
Many businesses goes through a tough year or certain seasons of the year.  I am fortunate enough to say that this is the first ever hard hit for Coole Cleaners in 7 years!  We are not going anywhere!  We plan to learn from the downfalls of this year and turn things around and make next year the best ever!
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