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Celebrating over 12 years of business!  

April Special!


This offer is for $10 off of a 1st time Immaculate Cleaning between April 1st - April 30th.

Not valid with any other offers. Offers expire 04/30/2019.

Immaculate House Cleaning
Coole Cleaners provides immaculate house cleaning services, vacation rental cleaning service and office cleaning services at an affordable price.  Located in beautiful Wilmington, North Carolina we also serve many of the surrounding areas as well.  

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 We know a clean house, vacation rental property or office is important to you.  We offer a variety of cleaning services with a flexible cleaning scheduling and flexible pricing!  
-Do you only need a few rooms cleaned?  
-Have unexpected company?  
We can customize a house cleaning service to fit your needs!

Friendly House CleanersCoole Cleaners only uses Dyson vacuums for all floor care!  All of our house cleaning products are name brand, not industrial and if you have something in particular that we do not carry, just let us know and we may give it a try.  

Need an office cleaning services at your local Wilmington business? You are busy enough and would like to leave that office and enjoy your evening or weekend out on Wrightsville Beach or Carolina Beach!  Let Coole Cleaners take care of the office cleanings for you! Commercial cleaning services can be done after hours with flexible pricing, and scheduling.

Vacation rental cleaning service is our specialty!  We currently take care of over 55 vacation rental cleanings in the Wrightsville Beach, Carolina Beach and Kure Beach areas.  All vacation rentals are taken care of professionally but yet on a more personally level.  Our vacation rental cleanings are designed around each vacation rental owners' needs as all vacation rental properties are different.   When it comes to vacation rental cleanings, there are many options for owners to choose from depending on the accommodations that you want to supply.  Coole Cleaners can keep you updated, stocked, and notify you of any damages or unusual changes to your property.  We will cater to each individual vacation rental owners' needs!


 Customer Reviews/Comments

---Received Best of 2015 Award from! 11/03/2015

---Check out our reviews on!

---Immaculate Cleaning- "Thank you!  I am very happy with the cleaning yesterday and both my mother in law and sister in law asked for your contact after seeing my house."- Rebecca Force (text message received on December 16th, 2018) Leland, NC

---Immaculate Cleaning- "Coole Cleaners do an amazing job and are incredibly thorough. Every nook and cranny will be clean after they are done! They are also some of the most friendly and funny people in Wilmington! I can't recommend them enough."- Debi Schlabach (Facebook Review on July 17th, 2015 10:24pm)- Wilmington, NC

---Immaculate Cleaning- "I am so happy with the way it looks!  We have lived here for 7 years and it has never looked so good!  Thank you guys for bringing some sunshine into our lives and making our home a place we are proud of!  I will absolutely be using you again!  Thank you so much!"- Sarah McMahon (text message received on January 27th, 2015)- Wilmington, NC

---Immaculate/Economy Cleaning- "What a fantastic locally owned service! I have employed the McCleaners, you know the one's- National chain. They do Ok cleaning however if they damage your property it is a HASSEL to even get them to admitt to it and another FIGHT to get any compasion. With Coole cleaners being locally owned the owner is just a quick phone call away and is all about happy customers. I would highly recommend hiring Coole Cleaners!"- Michael Thompson (posted on Facebook on Jan 13th at 3:52pm)- Wilmington, NC

---Spring Cleaning- "If you are looking to have your house cleaned, and I mean like ready to put your house on the market, eat off the floor clean, you must contact Coole Cleaners!  Aside from being outstanding at their job, they are the most wonderful, funny, kind, fantastic human beings I've met in a long time.  I recommend them 3000% and just don't have enough words to describe how fabulous they are!"- Jess Owens-Shiplett (posted on Facebook on November 17th at 7:41pm)- Wilmington , NC

---Immaculate House Cleaning- "We just rave about your service and really appreciate doing business with you...You are trustworthy, dependable, and thorough."- Ruth Smith (text message received on 09.04.14)- Wilmington, NC

---Vacation Rental Cleaning- "You have kept the house looking amazing btw.  We are very, very, very happy!" -Will Billups (text message received on 09.04.14)- Carolina Beach, NC

---Vacation Rental Cleaning- "KUDOS - HIGH FIVE - WAY TO GO - to Jenn for tuning in a very expensive camera that a guest left!!!  So very appreciative of HONESTY!!!!  Nothing I take lightly around here." -Sonja Termote, Fort Fisher Air Force Recreation Area (email received on 08.16.14)- Kure Beach, NC

---Office Cleaning- "Thank you Chris!  We appreciate the great job that you are doing." -Will Ahlers, WB Surf Camp (email received on 07.17.14)- Wilmington, NC

---Immaculate House Cleaning- "I love when Coole Cleaners girls come.  My house smells so good!" -Jason Brinker (posted on Facebook 06.13.14)- Wilmington, NC

---Immaculate House Cleaning- "Well, I just had my first visit by Coole Cleaners and I can't say enough good things about them! My home is truly immaculate and now I can spend the rest of my night with my family!! I love y'all and thank you for coming to our house and helping this tired momma out!!!" -Janice McDermott (posted on Facebook 03.27.14)- Wilmington, NC

---Immaculate House Cleaning- " Seriously you guys are awesome!!! After a miserable LONG drive home with sick kids y'all have managed to put a smile on my face. The house looks fantastic- thank you soooo much! xoxo" -Sharon Foster (text message received on 01.05.14)- Wilmington, NC

---Immaculate House Cleaning- "Love coming home to a clean house!! Thanks Coole Cleaners You made my night :)" -Christine Strahley (posted on Facebook 03.07.13)- Wilmington, NC

---Customized House Cleaning- "Coole Cleaners was SO impressive! They were thorough and did not cut any corners when cleaning my apartment. I just wanted them to clean two bathrooms and the kitchen and their work was above and beyond expectations. My refrigerator, microwave, oven, stove...basically every inch of my kitchen top to bottom...was spotless. The two cleaners were both very friendly and I was comfortable leaving and coming back when they were done. My apartment's transformation was amazing and the cleaners obviously accept noting but perfection on a job." -Jessica V. (posted on 02.17.13)- Wilmington, NC

---Immaculate House Cleaning- "My house is spotless (for now.) I can check that off my never ending list of things to do over the next two weeks! Thank you Coole Cleaners!" -Brandi Hines (posted on Facebook 12.19.12)- Wilmington, NC

---Spring Cleaning- "I want to commend Christopher Stuckey and his company, Coole Cleaners.  I had them do a "Spring Cleaning" of my house and they did a superb job.  The crew was very professional, hardworking, and observant.  The cleaning was extensive and thorough.  Everything was handled with care and pecision.  I liked the crew; they were young, intelligent, clean-cut, enthusiastic, and polite.  I would hire them again." -S. A. Rommel (comment sent by email 09.05.12)- Wilmington, NC

---Immaculate House Cleaning- "Very very very impressed with Coole Cleaners . I used their services a couple of weeks ago - great job and impeccable customer service. HIGHLY recommend them!"- Susie Parker (posted on Facebook 11.24.11)- Wilmington, NC

---Immaculate House Cleaning- "So happy with the cleaning yesterday! It was really great to see you and Keith. Cannot stop giggling about Keith's stories. His lecture was perfect and opened up some well needed dialogue. We love you guys!!"- Jill Watson (posted on Facebook 10.25.11)- Wilmington, NC

---Immaculate House Cleaning- "You all are amazing! Thank you for being the best at what you do! Looking forward to the new year and having you all in our home!"- Bo Dean (posted on Facebook 12.25.10)- Wilmington, NC

---Immaculate House Cleaning- "Absolutely the best! Most important quality- they are honest! That is very important when choosing a house cleaner. Beyond that, they are very detail oriented, consistent and thorough. I have used them for nearly three years and they come with my highest recommendations!"- melsells2 (Yahoo Review)- Wilmington, NC

---Spring Cleaning- "I cannot brag about Chris enough. If I could give him 10 stars, I would. I gave him the almost impossible job of cleaning my Grandpa's house. I will not go into the details of the filth... We were prepared to pay twice that. Believe me, I gave him quite a bonus...
The best part is that he did it all with a smile...I felt like he really cared about the family and wanted to do the best job that he could. And he did. I will definitely be in touch with Chris for any and all of my future cleaning needs."- Erin Simmons (Yelp Review)- Wilmington, NC

---Customized House Cleaning- "Excellent work!! Very dependable staff!! More personal experience, flexibility with scheduling and great prices!! I would recommend their work to anyone!!!"- Oceandude (Yahoo review)- Wrightsville Beach, NC

---Immaculate House Cleaning- "Thank you, Coole Cleaners! You did an amazing job, the place looks fantastic! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"- Anna Dunina (from Facebook)- Wilmington, NC

---House Cleaning- "Thank you guys so much - the house looks GREAT!! Please put me on the schedule for every other week...Thanks again, Jennifer"- Jennifer Carrell (Text Message)- Hampstead, NC

Once you experience Coole Cleaners, you will never be satisfied with any other cleaning service in Wilmington!
Give us a call today and see about the current specials and to schedule your Coole Cleaning! 
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